If you’re one of many people who only have one car key, it might be time to think about getting a spare (or maybe even 2!). Having a spare car key is a smart move, and even if you think you’re unlikely to need one, it’s much better to have and not need.

Here are our top four reasons to keep a spare car key knocking around.

#1 – In case you lose the original

This one might seem obvious, but what’s not obvious is the additional cost you will end up with if you don’t have a spare. It can work out much cheaper for an auto locksmith to replace a lost key if they have the spare to work from. For one thing, it means they won’t have to gain access to the vehicle or remove any locks, which means they will have less work to do.

#2 – If you have more than one driver

If you, like many others, share a car with a partner, sibling or one of your children, then it’s always a good idea to ensure there’s a spare. Not only will it save you having to unclip it from your bunch of keys constantly, but it will also mean that if one driver loses theirs, but you also have a backup.

#3 – Retrieving keys locked in the car

It’s happened to all of us. You get out of the car, grab your bags and get to the door only to realise you have left the keys in the car and, of course, it’s now locked. Unless you know how to gain entry to a locked car, you’re going to need a locksmith. This isn’t a problem if you have a spare car key though, and you can simply retrieve your keys with no additional cost.

#4 – When car keys bend or break

You might not ever lose your car keys, but it is possible for them to stop working if they start to bend or even break when they’re in the door lock or even your pocket.┬áCar keys, like all keys, are prone to this happening and replacing it without a spare for the locksmith to clone from can be much more expensive.

Make sure none of these things ever happen to you. Get South East Car Keys to cut you some spare keys for your vehicle. We have fast and friendly service and you will always have the peace of mind that there’s a spare knocking about, just in case.