What is the fascination that car keys hold to small children?

Let’s be honest, what parents haven’t encouraged this trend by jangling their bunch of key rings in the face of a little one to keep them distracted and happy?

There are plenty of toy car key sets around that make appropriate noises, yet still, babies and toddlers will reach straight for the real thing the minute they see them.

Doing the mad key dash

It’s all fun and games until you are going out to work or to an important appointment, only to realise your car keys are not where they should be. It would great if they were still clutched in that sticky little hand that swiped them. That simply involves a teary goodbye as you reclaim your property.

Murphy’s Law means that the chances are your keys have long since been abandoned as a plaything and are now lurking at the bottom of a cluttered toy box. Even that could be considered a lucky break, as at least you can empty the contents on to the floor and start sifting through. Mind you, don’t stand on a Lego brick on your way out of the door though – there’s no pain worse.

You’ve got to admire the creativity

A quick search of the internet in parent chat rooms provides a huge array of alternative locations cheeky children have found to stow precious car keys.

The kitchen rubbish bin is a popular spot – meaning a ‘dumpster dive’ may be on its way. An especially stressful hunt on mornings when the bins are emptied in your street and the clock is ticking.

As food is also a huge motivator for toddlers, you might want to check the fridge or food cupboards for your lost keys.

As washing machines receive a lot of action when you are a parent, little ones may follow your well-trodden path and decide to store your keys there.

Other great places to try as you frantically count down just how late you are for that appointment include the dog’s bed, bookshelves and sorry to say… the toilet.

It has been known for the little cherubs to be sitting on the problem the whole time, and you may want to take a peek in their nappy.

Help is on hand

When all else fails then a key locksmith becomes your only option. Within a short space of time, you can be on your way and back in business.

Of course, you can also be sure that within minutes of you leaving home, that little darling was probably producing that bunch of keys from its hiding place to display like a trophy.