Has this ever happened to you?

There’s a great story doing the rounds on social media, involving a man who locked his keys in his car. It’s something we’ve probably all done at some time or another, but the twist in this tale makes it hilarious.

After making a quick call to the local car locksmith, Mr X as we’ll call him explained that he’d locked his keys in the car and had been repeatedly trying to open the door with his key fob. The locksmith then took the car keys from Mr. X’s hand and manually unlocked the car door. He refused all payment, saying the story he’d have to tell would be payment enough.

And this is why a good car locksmith is definitely worth a callout – good humour and common sense as well as a range of skills to get you out of genuinely awkward situations.

Emergency car key replacement

With all the technology built in to modern vehicles, this is no longer as simple as cutting a set of car keys. A car locksmith will be skilled in car key coding as well as simply providing replacement car keys. More importantly, your car locksmith will be able to remove additional key sets from the motor vehicle database so only you will be able to use them to open and start the car.

Central locking repairs

If your central locking system fails to work, a car locksmith can do the repairs more quickly and cheaply than your local garage. If the problem is with your car key fob, then a car locksmith will be able to repair, replace and reprogramme the transponder chip for you. Like our Mr X, you’ll no longer be jabbing the button and thinking you’ve locked the keys in the car.

Broken door lock

You’ve jumped in the car and twisted the key in the lock, only to find it’s broken off in your hand. There’s plenty of information on the internet about getting broken keys out of locks, but then what? If you are successful, you’ll need replacement car keys in a hurry and that’s where your skilled car locksmith comes in. Remember that all cars manufactured after 1995 are legally required to be fitted with an immobiliser that works with a transponder chip and only a skilled car locksmith will be capable of reprogramming the new keys.

So if you’re locked out of your car, even if you’ve done a Mr X and forgotten the keys in your hand, always call a car locksmith – you’ll be glad you did.