Although many of us overlook what a transponder chip is and what it does, it’s a fact that most vehicle keys manufactured from the mid-’90s onwards will contain a transponder chip. 

A transponder chip is essentially a small motherboard which is embedded within the plastic head of the vehicle key. When the key is inserted into the ignition, this small chip sends a signal to the automobile immobilizer to let it know that it is the correct key for the vehicle. The engine may turn-over, but the car will not go.

Put simply, if the transponder won’t send out the correct signal, the engine will not start. If the transponder is damaged, you will still be able to open the locks on your car, but getting it to start will be another matter.

Do transponder chips just stop working without any damage?

Like all technology, transponder chips can stop working over a period of time. If this happens, give us a call to arrange for a replacement key with a new transponder chip which is programmed specifically to your vehicle. Alternatively, if you have a valet key, it’s possible to insert a transponder into it and program this to match your car.

How to tell if your transponder is malfunctioning

Without being aware of what a transponder is, you could be forgiven for thinking your vehicle has a mechanical fault. In order to make it clearer to the driver that it is, in fact, the transponder that is at fault, most car manufacturers will include a visual indicator of a missing or damaged transponder chip on the dashboard. These indications will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s a good idea to consult your car manual for further information. As a general rule, a lot of dashboards will feature a flashing orange or yellow symbol on the dash when you try to start the ignition and the transponder is damaged.

Replacing a faulty or damaged transponder

In the event of experiencing a car key transponder chip fault, the good news is that South East Car Keys have got you covered. As a professional car locksmith company we can provide replacement car keys, car key coding, central locking repairs, car key fobs and emergency car key replacement in next to no time, with the minimum fuss.

We understand how stressful being locked out of your car can be, which is why our team work incredibly hard to put your mind at ease and get you back behind the wheel with as quick a turnaround as possible.

If you are in need of emergency car key replacement, simply call 07810 800 242 and allow us to come to your rescue.