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Based in Kent, our Mobile Auto Locksmith service covers a 50-mile radius, providing on-site vehicle locksmith services for your body shop or repair centre.

Our mobile technicians will come to your location with all the tools required to fix any problems. From no keys to lockouts, immobiliser repairs, central locking fixes and full lock replacements.

With the most up-to-date key programming software and OEM parts for keys, fobs and wireless fobs for every make and model.

Our quotes are always competitive and we’ll ensure that we can have your cars running and out of the door as quickly as possible.

Vehicle Repair Centre Auto Locksmith

When you run a business repairing vehicles, we understand that time is important. You need the workshop clear so you can keep the jobs coming in.

There is nothing worse than having a backlog of work because you’re waiting on a third party to do their job. 

SE Car Keys will take the worries away for Body Shop owners by providing a slick, efficient vehicle locksmith service that aims to be at your location within 24 hours of your call.

Most standard jobs can be completed within 1 to 2 hours, though full lock replacements and ECU repairs may require additional time and parts. 

We provide OEM parts, a quality guarantee and use specialist non-destructive methods to gain entry to vehicles with missing keys.


We aim to be with you in under 24 hours of your call.

Most work can be completed within 1 hour.

Keys For Stolen Cars

It can be a real source of stress when you have vehicles with no keys. Sometimes these may have been purchased from salvage car auctions like Copart or directly from the insurance company. 

The most commonly stolen vehicles like Range Rovers, Land Rovers and the Toyota Nexus are no problem for our vehicle locksmiths. 

We can gain access without causing damage and create keys, even when no spare is available. 

Old Land Rover Defender with black bull bars
Land Rover Defender parked on lake edge
Land Rover Defender parked on lake edge

Why Choose South East Car Keys?

  • We aim to be with you in under 24 hours
  • We can come to your location
  • You can pay on 30-day terms
  • All work is insured and guaranteed
  • We provide full, main-dealer spec services at a lower price
  • Almost all jobs can be conducted then and there with the equipment we carry
  • For specialist jobs like full lock replacements and ECU faults, we can order in advance if you let us know the problem
  • We work extensively with repair centres. So you know we understand the pressure you’re under to turn the jobs around.
  • SE Car Keys can do the vehicle locksmith work that others cannot. We bring extensive experience and equipment to get your vehicle moving.
  • All quotes are free and you will know the costs BEFORE work is carried out. 

We provide the following services:

Please get in touch if you do not see your issue listed. We may still be able to assist.

  • Safe, non-destructive entry
  • Engineering and programming of new or spare keys
  • Full lock replacement 
  • Broken key repairs
  • Lost key replacement
  • Ignition barrel repair
  • ECU repairs & programming
  • Stolen key replacement & reprogramming

Salvage & Auction

Car Keys

Vehicles bought from auctions, salvage yards or insurance companies can come with a range of unique issues. 

Often they may have no functional keys for entering the vehicle or starting the engine. 

We bring everything we need to get cars like these moving, without having to contact the dealership.

A man repairs a car from a salvage auction
The work van for SE Car Keys, an Auto locksmith service in Kent

A Fully-Mobile Vehicle Key Specialist

It can be difficult to balance work on vehicles, especially if you are waiting on services like car locksmiths to gain the entry you need or to start the engine. 

Our auto locksmith service is fully equipped to bring everything you need, directly to you at your repair centre. 

We stock the latest keys, including wireless fobs, up-to-date software for programming, full databases on all standard vehicles in the UK and everything to cut new keys. 

We even ensure, wherever possible, that we pre-order the parts we need for more complicated work like full lock and ECU replacements.


How Soon Can You Be At Our Repair Shop?

We aim to be with you with 24 hours of your call, wherever that is possible. 

Can You Work Outside Your Service Area

We try to stick to a 50 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells but may go further afield. Feel free to ask! 

Are You Expensive?

We price ourselves very competitively. You’ll find that we’re cheaper than dealerships and may even beat quotes you have already received.

The Service I Need Isn’t Listed?

We’re able to do more than 90% of Auto Locksmiths in the UK. If you require specialist work, feel free to ask us if we can help.

The Dealership Told Me It Was Not Possible?

You will often find that dealerships are not helpful with stolen or damaged vehicles. The chances are, we can help where they won’t. 

What Areas Can We Cover?

The closer you’re based, the faster we can get to you.

Our mobile vehicle locksmith service covers a 50-mile radius around Tunbridge Wells. Though we may be able to go further afield in the South East.

Across these counties:

  • Kent
  • Surrey
  • West Sussex
  • East Sussex

To ensure speed and efficiency in our services, we try to work as closely as possible to our base in Tunbridge Wells, but we’ll always help where we can.

Even if you live outside of the radius, please feel free to get in touch.

We are on great terms with a number of auto locksmiths across the country and may be able to recommend someone to assist.

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