Effective ways of keeping your car keys safe

We’ve all been there: 7am on a Monday morning, you’re already running late and, try as you might, you can’t find your car keys. You know you put them somewhere safe but that, of course, is where the problem began: your car keys are now lost in the hopeless void of the ubiquitous ‘safe place’.

Every home has one. Some have several. The one thing you can guarantee about the ‘safe place’ is that what goes in doesn’t come out for days. They’re safe alright, but only because they’ve been removed from the regular flow of space and time. Nobody can explain this phenomenon, but it’s remarkably common. Car keys are like chameleons: they seamlessly blend into whatever environment you place them in. So, with our “safe” places in mind, how exactly are we supposed to keep our car keys exactly that – safe?

Here are a few ideas you may not have thought of that actually work.

Put them in an UNSAFE place

The same mystical principles that enable keys to become lost in safety also ensure they stand out like a sore thumb if placed somewhere really weird. Think kitchen cupboards, for example.

Make a shrine

Worship the gods of car keys and construct an elaborate shrine, specifically for your car keys and nothing else. The gods will keep them safe.

Buy them a stuffed toy

Key rings don’t really serve much of a purpose. Sure, they keep all your keys in one place, but if you don’t know where that place is, it’s not much good to you. Buy a key ring with a large stuffed toy dangling from it. You want something about the size of your fist, large enough that getting it in and out of your pockets is tricky, and once it’s in there it’s wedged in tight. Nothing’s going to make this critter fall out, and there’s no way it’s going to slip into the lining. Even if it did, the creature-shaped bulge would tell you exactly where it was. The same applies for bags: finding a stuffed dog, or a plushie, is a lot easier than finding a key the size of your little finger!

Lastly, bear in mind that you’re not alone in your plight, and that’s exactly why we’re around. The next time your car keys disappear into their ‘safe place’, give South East Car Keys a ring to get things sorted.