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Located in Tunbridge Wells and operating throughout Kent, West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey we offer an auto locksmith service that comes to your location to work on all SEAT models.

We carry all of the equipment needed to provide keys, fobs and wireless fobs, for old and new SEAT vehicles.

SEAT Keys Created & Coded At Your Location

Locking and leaving the keys in your SEAT isn’t a problem for us to sort out. We can use non-destructive entry to gain access to your vehicle and the keys locked within.

Losing your SEAT car keys can be just as stressful too. Luckily, we do not need a spare key, as we can create them from scratch at your location.

Alternatively, you may just need a spare key for your SEAT.

We cost less than a main dealership, using all OEM parts to resolve your vehicular problem quickly.

We have everything we need to create and programme your SEAT keys, no matter where your car is, we’ll come to you.

We cater for all SEAT models.

Whether it has a key, key fob or keyless entry method, we can get you in and get you going.

The Percentage of SEAT cars our service covers... From legacy classics to modern editions.

We aim to be with you in under 2 hours wherever possible, though pre-booking is always best as we can get very busy!

SEAT Spare Keys

Our auto locksmiths carry all the necessary tools to create duplicates of your existing keys or keyless fobs:

  • We can create and programme new keys, especially if you have an existing one for us to use.
  • We work with SEAT dealerships and, as we are mobile, we are generally cheaper and quicker for you.
  • We’re fully trained, insured and accredited specialists. It is our aim to be with you and have the job finished within 2 hours.
Seat car parked in front of a warehouse.
rear light cluster on black seat car

Are You Locked Out Of Your SEAT?

Try not to stress. It’s not a big deal, it happens to everyone eventually. It’s a very common occurrence.

It can add more stress when you can see your keys in the car but just can’t get to them.

We are fully equipped, insured specialist auto locksmiths. We can get you back into your vehicle using non-destructive techniques.

We cover the following services for all models of SEAT:

  • Lost key replacement.
  • Lock replacement.
  • Broken key removal.
  • Creation and programming of new or spare keys.
    For any SEAT car key queries, please get in touch.

Do You Own An Older SEAT? 

We carry all necessary equipment and blank keys to cover almost all models of SEAT cars.

We are SEAT specialists, we guarantee to have an OEM key to fit your car, regardless of age, alarm or immobiliser. Call us first to save.

Some of the models we cover are: 

  • Ibiza
  • Leon
  • Arona
  • Alhambra
Front lights of black SEAT
Man wearing glasses driving SEAT

Our Auto Locksmith Comes to You

No need to go through the headache of getting booked into a dealership.

Our SEAT auto locksmith will visit you regardless of vehicle location.

Not only will it cost you less to have us come to you, but we can do it at a time that suits you and we use OEM parts so it doesn’t affect things like your insurance premium.


What are the costs of replacement SEAT Keys?

We guarantee to beat the prices quoted at dealerships but we need to know the model of SEAT you drive first… Give us a call for a free quote.

Do You Repair Keys?

Usually, we can repair keys that may have become damaged or worn over time. If not, we can create new versions that will grant you several more years of use.

What locations do you cover?

We’re based in Tunbridge Wells and are ideally placed to cover all of Kent, Sussex and most of Surrey. We aim to be with you quickly but the further away you are, the longer it may take to reach you. 

Can you do full lock replacements?

We are fully equipped to replace all locks and the ignition on your vehicle but recommend you call us first to ensure we have the specific parts for your SEAT model. 

How soon can you be with me?

We always aim to be with emergency callouts within two hours but this may be increased significantly if specialist equipment such as full locks are required or you are on the edge of our service zone.

Which Areas Do We Cover?

The closer you are, the quicker we’ll be with you.

Our mobile auto locksmith services cover an approximate 50-mile radius around Tunbridge Wells.

Across these counties:

  • Kent
  • Surrey
  • West Sussex
  • East Sussex

We always aim to be with you as quickly as possible, especially for emergencies but the further you are, the more time we may need to get to you. 

It’s best to call us, let us know how we can help with your SEAT and we’ll give you a free quotation and book a time that suits you. 

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