You’d be surprised how many have!

Every car owner has had that horrible feeling of patting each of their pockets and realising that their car keys are nowhere to be found. Whether they’ve been left at work or on the table at the coffee shop, or unintentionally dropped down the back of the sofa, the result is the same: your journey gets delayed, and your plans for the day become scuppered.

Losing a set of car keys is something that can really put a spanner in the works of your plans, and, though it might often feel as if these things only happen to you, you’d be surprised how often people manage to lose or misplace their keys.

Flushed away

According to a recent piece of research carried out by insurance company Direct Line, a staggering number of UK parents have managed to inadvertently lose their keys down the toilet. The study found that around one in 20 drivers with children have accidentally seen their keys disappear down the U-bend, either due to their own poor handling skills or due to a child’s unfortunate curious nature.

Of course, this is just one of the many ways in which you can lose your keys and subsequently find yourself unable to access your vehicle. Brian Clough, former Nottingham Forest, Derby County and Leeds United manager, once left a company car for collection outside a hotel and then carelessly dropped the keys down a drain, while – and though this isn’t strictly car-related, it’s certainly funny enough to bring up – one official for the Rio 2016 Olympics somehow managed to lose the keys to the Olympic Stadium, and then had to resort to using bolt cutters to break into his own venue.

And sometimes losing keys is more than just the consequence of a poor grip or raised toilet seat; according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the average person misplaces approximately nine items each day, while around a third of people admit they spend at least 15 minutes every day searching for lost items around their house.

Help is at hand

Fortunately, when it comes to car keys, there is a solution once your main set becomes lost or misplaced. At South East Car Keys we understand that lost keys can be a problem at any time of the day, and that is why we offer a 24-hour callout service direct to your vehicle while you wait.

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