Every once in a while, the gods conspire against us and whisk our car keys, remote, and every single spare we’ve squirrelled away in case of emergency, into the ether, never to be seen again. Keys are lost, broken, stolen, spontaneously vanish, and fall into that murky realm inhabited by pen lids and the myriad of socks that never make it out of the washing machine alive.

Replace Your Car Key and Remote

If you have a newer car, and your key and remote are one and the same thing, losing even a single key can be quite the blow, as spares often don’t have remotes. The manner in which you replace lost, stolen, or otherwise vanished car keys and remotes depends a great deal on your vehicle’s make and model. The majority of modern ignition keys come with an electronic transponder, which talks to your vehicle and prevents theft.

Unfortunately, this only safeguards against the theft of the car and not the key, so you can still find yourself in a pickle.

Keys of this nature are programmed to the vehicle to which they belong. There are various factors, such as distance, required for the key to work, and in order to properly programme a new chip for replacement car keys, all these variables need to be taken into account. It can be distressing if you lose your car key and remote, so we’ve put together some answers to a few common questions…

What should I do if I lose all my car keys?

Lost, broken, and stolen car keys can be replaced relatively easily by a car locksmith, who will cut a new key and programme it to your car. Costs vary depending on the type of key you need. Older, manual keys are fairly low-cost, but keys with transponders are more expensive to replace.

How can I tell if my car’s entry system is keyless?

If you had or have a remote control for your car, its entry system is keyless. If you’ve never had a remote and you’re unsure, a car dealership can run a check for you using your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).

Are replacement remotes and keys aftermarket products?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, the majority of transponder chip keys will be aftermarket. The original manufacturer equipment includes items like car key fobs, remote head keys, and entry remotes that are keyless.

If you have any questions about how to get emergency car key replacements, you can always contact the team at South East Car Keys for help 24/7.