It is possible to avoid locking yourself out of your car by taking several simple precautions. One obvious method for preventing being locked out is to carry a spare key with you in your wallet or purse. But if you get stuck you can always call an auto locksmith!

Hide A Spare Car Key!

You could also hide a spare key on the outside of your car. Most auto supply stores carry magnetic key cases used to hold keys. Exercise some creativity about where you hide the spare key, you don’t want it too easily found. You could also tape a key on the under/back of any car bumper, but you’ll need to employ some rather strong tape to get the job done.

Only Lock From the OUTSIDE! 

Another precaution is handy in case you have a car with self-locking doors. You can prevent lock-outs entirely by never locking the car from the inside. Instead, get into the habit of always while using key to lock the door from the outside.

Don’t Panic!

If you do lock yourself out, there four places you are able to call. First, if you are a member of an automotive club, they might offer a free of charge unlock service. Second, you can pick up the phone and call us and we’ll be able to open your door no problem.

…However, if it is an emergency, such as a child locked inside the car call your neighbourhood police department!